Next Step Youth Program

Our Next Step youth program is targeted at any young person aged 17—24+ who has left school early or disengaged from mainstream education. The aim of this pathway program is to give young people an opportunity to  re-engage and experience learning in a supportive and flexible space.

Next Step is a package of ACFE funded courses to assist with the development of personal and employability skills that can navigate pathways for future education and/or employment opportunities.

Delivered over 8 weeks, Heather our facilitator, will use her experience and knowledge to provide practical down-to-earth strategies, useful advice and tips to help students gain confidence and skills for future pathways.

Let’s fill the gaps… Life’s Tips and How To’s – Thursdays 9.30am—*12.00pm 9 May to 27 June (8 weeks)

Real life tips and how to’s using everyday English and Maths.

Learn how to build up your reading/writing/spelling/maths skills to:

  • fill in forms both online and hardcopy;
  • navigate websites for correct information e.g. Centrelink, finding out about jobs and/or courses;
  • follow simple instructions and manuals e.g. recipes, measurements;
  • how to create a simple budget to save/spend money more wisely e.g. cooking on a budget and other money matters – percentages, interest, banking;
  • or just improve on areas that you need for getting a job or getting into a course.

Create Your Story – Wednesdays 12.30pm—*3.00pm 8 May to 26 June (8 weeks)

Create your story is about using Art to help you to:

  • express yourself as you want to be;
  • gain confidence and experience in trying new things;
  • build a more positive state of emotional well-being and improve mental health;
  • tell the world your story visually;
  • learn to use different mediums and techniques that could help with Visual Art courses.

Learning the Ropes – Wednesdays 9.30am—*12.00pm 8 May to 26 June (8 weeks)

Gain an understanding of what you need to know when looking for
work and or further education. Learning the Ropes will show you:

  • how to work out what your personal strengths and limitations are and how to build them up/improve on them;
  • what’s the best way to find/apply for jobs and/or courses;
  • what you need to do for a job/course application and interview;
  • what employers are looking for in their employees;
  • build on how to work in a team environment with a diverse range of people.

*Weeks 1 & 8 finish 1/2 hour later


Subsidised by Adult Community & Further Education Ref: 19ALNlitnum/19VOCArtThe/19EMPOffAd

Enrol in this course by phoning us on 9803 2335 or email